After Care Piercing Recomendations


Would you like to know the recommended care for your piercing? Here are some exclusive recommendations from the Tattoo Ink Utah team.

  • If there is a build up of plasma on the fresh piercing (or crusties) DO NOT pick at/off them soak with warm water either in the shower or with a warm cotton pad to gently work off any debris
  • With any Cartilage piercing avoid sleeping on the side of the fresh piercing. If needed sleep with a airport neck pillow with your ear in the gap, it will keep unnecessary pressure off of the fresh piercing. Be of keeping shampoo and soaps away from the area. And be mindful with longer hair and glasses
  • With any facial piercings its important to be careful when putting on any shirts, sweaters and using drying towels. Aviod make-up and facial washes/cleansers out of the area
  • Use ONLY Sterile Saline solution on fresh piercings. NO soap, alcohol, or cleaning supplies. ONLY Sterile Saline
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