At Tattoo Ink Utah, we believe that every tattoo should tell a story and reflect the individuality of its wearer. Our team of skilled artists is dedicated to bringing your ideas to life with precision, creativity, and a touch of fun. Whether you’re looking for a custom-designed piece or a timeless classic, our artists will work closely with you to ensure that your vision becomes a stunning reality.

In addition to our exceptional tattoo services, we also offer professional piercing services in a safe and welcoming environment. Our experienced piercers are committed to providing top-quality service and using the highest standards of hygiene and safety.

Come experience the magic of Tattoo Ink Utah and let us turn your ideas into stunning works of art.

Ender Parra

CEO Tattoo Ink Utah

It's time for tattoo Ink utah

Don’t forget to visit us and live the Tattoo Ink Utah experience, our team of experts will help and advise you during and after your tattoo or piercing session. Are you up for it?



Ender Parra

A tattoo artist with a trajectory of 15 years, originally from Venezuela. In 2017, I decided to emigrate and start from scratch in search of new opportunities. I worked hard in a tattoo studio, perfecting my art and showing my dedication.

The year 2021 marked an exciting chapter in my life, as I decided to take a bold step and open my own tattoo studio in West Jordan. This was a significant personal challenge and also represented a milestone for the city as I became the first local tattoo artist.

My passion for tattoo art is reflected in my specialization in realism. Each piece I create is a meticulous expression of my artistic skill and commitment to detail. My work ethic and skills have helped forge my reputation as a benchmark in the tattoo world.

Beyond needles and inks, I consider myself a passionate and friendly individual. I find gratification in transforming my clients’ unique stories and expressions into works of body art. My journey from Venezuela to becoming a successful tattoo artist in West Jordan is a testament to my perseverance and love for my craft.

Felipe (Mono) López

Born in Chile, is a talented tattoo artist with 10 years of experience, specializing in black and grey realism. His trajectory in the art of tattooing began driven by the curiosity to explore new artistic techniques, finding in tattooing a unique form of expression. His approach and ability to understand the ideas of his clients have consolidated a solid career in the industry. Currently, he has expanded his reach and practices his art in the United States, being an integral part of Tattoo Ink Utah.

Sebastián Quiroga

Born in Colombia, he is a talented tattoo artist specialized in black and gray and shadows. With 7 years of professional experience in graphic design and arts, he began his path in the art of tattooing for the love of manual illustration. He is currently working at Tattoo Ink Utah, consolidating his presence in the United States. His friendly approach and his ability to connect with people have marked his outstanding trajectory in the world of body art.


Chilean tattoo artist with more than 5 years of experience, he has spent most of his career in Chile and is currently expanding his art in Utah, USA. He stands out as a versatile artist specializing in the neotraditional style, demonstrating his skill through clean lines and a solid finish in each work. His positive approach to client and colleague relationships has been key in his professional development. He strives to provide the best service to his clients, fusing his creativity with technical excellence.


Born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, he developed his interest in art and drawing from an early age. In 2016, thanks to his brother who gave him some machines, he started tattooing. In 2017, he traveled to Argentina, where he expanded his knowledge of black and gray and color tattoos through some seminars. In 2021, he moved to the United States, where he currently resides.

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Ender Parra Tattoos

Specialized in Realism

Felipe (Mono) Lopez

Specializing in black and grey realism

Sebastian Quiroga Tattoos

Specializing in black and grey shadows.

Deiby Ortiz

Black and grey and color tattoos

Italo Rodriguez

Specializing in color and anime

Kennedy Jensen